jueves, 21 de febrero de 2008

momentary relief

how could you do it?

you have a million other themes to talk about. why would you talk about me & my freaking failure? give me a break. [...] that wouldn't make any sense.

you can't runaway, you can't runaway.

why would you tell me something like that? it's not like i talk about everything with everybody; & certainly i'm not telling my problems to all of you. [...] i don't even know why i told him. it just happened, you know? i wasn't planning to tell him, it happened some time ago & i guess the situation required it.

oh know, i just keep on falling.

thanks a lot, huh. you complain about us & our way of making plans, but you're not any better off. yeah, right. you keep changing my plans all day long! you knew we're gonna meet yesterday & you made me change it for today, and suddenly you tell me that he's coming to your place. you know i can't stand him & told me to go anyway. i don't think you're understanding what i'm saying. damn it!

tell me tell me can you feel the pressure?

i have to make it. not for anyone, just for me (thanks Failure, you still haven't disappointed me). yeah, i'll make it cause this is what i want for me. i wanna make it. i wanna end with this & move on. i want to go to baires in a couple of weeks, with or without you. just kidding, i wanna go with you, otherwise it wouldn't be the same.
i'm gonna make it, you don't have to worry.

c'mon, c'mon lets play.

(i wish i could write in here like i used to;)



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