viernes, 30 de mayo de 2008

i am one of those melodramatic fools

& tal vez todo esto sea gracias a vos...

martes, 27 de mayo de 2008

I'm the kind of kid that can't let anything go.

No man is an island.

then why am i feeling like this?

And when it rains, will you always find an escape?
Just running away from all of the ones who love you; from everything.

tengo ganas de no estar.
y no tengo ganas de nada.

When winning looks like losing and I'm winning every time.

(i can feel it coming. failure is closer than i expected).

sábado, 24 de mayo de 2008

i caught fire

omfg, you're the best thing i ever saw, you're probably the closest to heaven i'll ever be.
(i met paradise in your eyes).

In your eyes..
I lost my place
Could stay a while
And I’m melting
In your eyes..
Like my first time
That I caught fire

In your eyes
Let's sleep till the sun burns out
I'm melting in your eyes

miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2008

this is for real

i won't ask again (if that's what you really want).


what an awkward situation this morning!
whatever, sometimes is better an acquaintance than someone closer. (if you knew how helpful you were today). but, i can't deny it, really strange.
he even read my notebook!


dont say a word

don't you miss those days?


quit crying your eyes out, quit crying your eyes out baby, come on. isn't there something familiar about me? the past is only the future with the lights on, quit crying your eyes out baby.
Seriously, i’m done. This is the part where i push everything away, when i give up on everybody (or just anyone) & i give a fuck about everything. Simple like that (and you better keep it that way).
How was it that thing Pete said? ‘there is something about this that makes the small failures seem ok’. Failures everywhere. I shouldn’t be bothered ‘cause this thing is over, but still... i can’t get over it. & every single song reminds me of somthing, a failure (you said we were an accident)
I miss you! I need you so bad right now. Cause i’m sure i can’t count with anyone at the moment. Trust me, trust nobody. // once again i’m the one who ends up alone (not like everyone else). & it’s not fair (or maybe it is), isn’t? So i got nothing left that making this, on my own, by myself, even if it kills me.

martes, 20 de mayo de 2008

bite me

The clever ... Sun is in your 10th House of Vocation this month and although you may be in the spotlight, it might feel awkward. You are becoming painfully aware of the personal sacrifices needed in order to keep the lights shining on your career path. Think about your limits and decide what you're willing to forgo to have financial security and professional success.

i'm gonna make it, you can bet on that! -

capital Z

aparentemente estoy haciendo todo MAL,

y sin embargo está todo en orden.

ayayay, ese extraño equilibrio universal del que tanto hablamos...

lunes, 19 de mayo de 2008

another addition to the equation

there is so much to tell
but i cant keep my eyes open

whats wrong with me?
i still cant figure it out

but im gonna make it,
even if it kills me

where is my mind?
& lost in space.

you cant take it, its way too much for you, or anyone (if it really matters).

.I could be an accident but I'm still trying -

just like heaven

I guess I can't run away from you.

& there's no another place I'd rather be.
'cause the scene was simply amazing.
Maybe tonight we can forget about it all
i had lost that feeling (ty), & recovering it was awesome.

this could be so good again...
saturday night, the whole night was great.
(it could be just like heaven)

- my f. paradise

sábado, 17 de mayo de 2008


i was waiting for you. some kind of signal, or something. i just needed to hear from you.
& suddenly you appeared. i swear you made my day.
just like that. keep it simple.

(i need this more than you know).

jueves, 15 de mayo de 2008

SOS to the world.

she's pissed at everyone.

so lost (and reading you is not making it any better)

say whatever you want, i'm gonna try not to hear you.
whatever they say i am, that's what i'm not

uno creería que ya se había acabado, pero parece que no (y cierta pregunta que se hace Joel vuelve a mi cabeza).
se supone que uno avance no que se quede estancado!
sí y no.
no se.
sin embargo, todo esta tan bien. es como un balance medio bizarro.

no quiero volver a lo de antes
i refuse, i refuse, i refuse
move on, lets try!
(i'm not making any sense, i know)

help me.

domingo, 11 de mayo de 2008

the future...

and now i should stop thinking about it...

is now;

martes, 6 de mayo de 2008

what i've done

you can’t change what you've done, but you can choose who you'll become.
(making the difference).

sábado, 3 de mayo de 2008

you wouldn't understand anyway

"Creo que después de todo siempre creí lo que quise creer".

y esta vez las palabras se las robo
a mi divina amiga Lu-.

so sick,

entre dudas y explicaciones inútiles.

sickgirl! × I'll Attack! dice:
salí con unos amigos, y la espontaneidad del plan fue lo que más me emocionó jaja. no se, estoy como alejada de todo ultimamente, medio autista, lo único que me importa es el cole y ni siquiera me importa tanto.

& some things shouldn't happen. not to good people.
it's not fair.
damn thief!

- (neutral).

jueves, 1 de mayo de 2008


It's not like you didn't know that
I said I love you and I swear I still do.
And it must have been so bad
'cause living with me must have damn near killed you.
And this is how you remind me of what I really am
This is how you remind me of what I really am

It's not like you to say sorry
I was waiting on a different story
This time I'm mistaken
For handing you a heart worth breakin’
And I've been wrong, I've been down
Been to the bottom of every bottle
These five words in my head
Scream, Are we having fun yet?
yet, yet, yet, no no

(I'm sick of sight without a sense of feeling)

Any place is Better

You got a fast car,
I want a ticket to anywhere.
Maybe we make a deal,
maybe together we can get somewhere.



Mi foto
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Figured on, not figuring myself out.