viernes, 1 de agosto de 2008

THIS is sick

You are Gold Cheetah, who possesses feminine attraction under your bold and youthful attitude.
You are very modern up-to-date woman.
Unlike your kindly appearance, you tend to be short tempered and rather too sensitive and sharp.
You are really a clear-cut type of person, and can be hard minded.
When young, you will go straight to whatever you are aimed at, and therefore you may experience clash of ideas with your parents.
You hate compromising, and may wish to quickly leave home and live on your own.
Once you have set an objective, you will put in your maximum effort to achieve the goal.
You will also use anything to get what you want, and this may seem rather attractive and cute to others.
In ordinary every day life, you can differentiate your ideals and reality.
You tend to think hard about interests and calculation.
You are a quick minded person, and therefore can carry out things cheerfully.
You are very humane, easy to get on with, and honest.
Your characteristic is that you look very logical sort of person at first.
Your realistic personality is better suited to stay working rather than to become a housewife.
You will be able to keep both your career and your family.
If you stay just as a house wife, you can be rather too strict on education, and become a nagging mother.



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Buenos Aires, Argentina
Figured on, not figuring myself out.