martes, 8 de enero de 2008

save the future

Next couple of weeks may be filled with more joyful activities than you expect. But paradoxically, spontaneity can now require careful planning and hard work that should pay off later. Don't take any frustration out on others by being too critical. Your laser-sharp delivery can hurt someone with the truth even if your actions are motivated by well-intentioned love.

You've got truckloads of energy, drive and determination at your disposal today. It's an excellent time for doing business, signing contracts, and anything related to legal affairs. An additional bonus: a recent conflict may finally be healed.


From yesterday
Although you might place more attention on playful activities, immediate pleasure may not be forthcoming. Even a simple romantic adventure could run into delays while you manage the logistics. Reality seems to get in the way of enjoyment just enough to make you realize what you are missing. Hang in there; you'll overcome the obstacles no matter how ponderous they seem now.

A confrontation with a loved one is possible today, and you may find yourself engaging in somewhat self-critical behavior. Don't. Today is the perfect day for greater understanding of yourself and others. Make this a time for spiritual realization rather than negative back talk.


- (no sense at all).



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Buenos Aires, Argentina
Figured on, not figuring myself out.