miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2007

for the win

The image of a neat and tidy Virgo doesn't even begin to touch the possible unraveling of your emotions today. You have been upgraded from a tropical depression into a hurricane, complete with waves of feelings that can wash over your analytical walls of restraint. Hang on, for this ride will be worth it, stirring up enough emotions to last you a while

- from a depression into a hurricane, wow, thanks a lot. yeah, i know what you mean. but it's ok, i can make it. long live to carcrash(!?).

You may find yourself presented with an opportunity to help someone else today. Focus on your relationships in both your work and personal life; you have the sensitivity and compassion to be of great help. You're admired by someone, and your chances for romance are very strong.

- once again, i'm working on everything you've said. & surprisingly... i think i can make it! i can't believe i'm actually thinking positive, lol. i hope i can help whoever needs it. but, could you please stop talking about freaking romance?! it's not the time for that & i'd really appreciate it. Thank you (:

- i miss you n.



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