lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2008


You are often the person that your friends and colleagues go to when they need a critical eye to assess a situation. Today, however, you are the one in need of the reality check. The problem is that you cannot rely on others right now, for they could inadvertently pull you off track even further. Delay an important decision for a day or two if at all possible. Once your analytical skills return you will know what to do next.

(exactly what i thought).

it sucks the way sometimes i can get sick of it.
it equals all this situation that pisses me off without reason.
you certainly know how to make it.
am i gonna make it through these weeks?

i've come to the conclusion i always fall for the wrong guy (random comment).

Adrián, ex anónimo (ahora ya tiene nombre, ja):
a mi también me pasó de perder todo el disco duro, pensé que era la muerte jaja.
me copa el inglés, tal vez demasiado. y si tenes mail mejor, así hablamos seguido, porque no da seguir chateando por blog(¿?)



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