jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2007

two out of three..., wrong!

The best way to make it through, with hearts and wrists intact,
is to realize two out of three ain't bad. Ain't bad.

i'd love to say that, but i guess this was meant to be.
like i wrote before, the only thing that keeps me down is the fact that once again i disappointed you. and i'm so sorry.
but i know i'm gonna make it eventually.
right now i need my sweet escape.

la vida te da infinitas posibilidades.
i love that promo, and it's all thanks to you ♥
'cause you gave me the strength to continue this time.
& those words you said today, are amazing. next year you'll make me feel so proud, & i'll be pleased to hear you.

- and one?



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Figured on, not figuring myself out.